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11 Good Reasons To Select Toroidal Transformers from Nuvotem-Talema

Worldwide Design and Manufacture of Toroidal Magnetic Components


11 Good Reasons To Select Nuvotem-Talema Toroidal Transformers

  1. Quality

  2. Volume Reduction

  3. Weight Reduction

  4. Higher Efficiency

  5. Energy Savings

  6. Flexible Dimensions

  7. Ease of Mounting

  8. Noise reduction

  9. Low Strayfield

  10. Price and Value

  11. The TALEMA Group


The Nuvotem-Talema logo on your toroidal transformer is your guarantee of quality and safety. The TALEMA Group has a total commitment to quality as evidenced by the fact that our manufacturing plants are fully approved to ISO-9000. All facilities produce to the highest standards and have many internationally recognized approvals, including UL, EN, VDE and IEC. All other international specifications such as Nemko, Semko, Demko, B.S., A.S., can be met according to customer requirements.

The TALEMA Group's approach to quality and control is uncompromising with TQC systems in operation throughout the plant and sophisticated computers closely monitoring performance. The best testimonial of this dedication to quality is the fact that the TALEMA group of companies have earned J.I.T. and ship-to-stock status with many customers including major international corporations and OEM's whose own reputations depend heavily on the integrity of their suppliers.


Space savings of up to 50% when supplied with mounting brackets and terminal blocks for drop-in laminate replacement and up to 64% when supplied with flying leads instead of terminal blocks. (Many times it is easier to run the lead from the transformer to the equipment rather than the reverse).

For Sizes up to 1000VA, savings can be even greater as a centering washer and single centre screw or bolt will usually suffice, eliminating the need for a mounting bracket.


Up to 50% savings (more when used with a centering washer and screw or bolt). The toroidal core has the ideal shape for producing a transformer with the minimum amount of material. All windings are symmetrically spread over the entire circumference of the core, making the wire length very short. This results in lower winding resistances, and higher efficiency. A higher flux-density is possible as the magnetic flux is in the same direction as the rolling direction of the silicon-steel core. A higher current density can be utilised, as the entire surface of the toroidal core allows efficient cooling of the copper windings.

The iron losses are very small, typically 1.1 Watts/Kg at 1.7 Tesla and 50 Hertz - giving very small magnetizing current, which contributes to the excellent temperature rating of the toroidal transformer.


Nuvotem-Talema toroidal transformers are manufactured with the highest quality materials which allow a savings of approximately 50% against conventional laminated transformers, as well as significant space savings against other toroidal manufacturers which utilize lower grade steel in their production.


Up to 86% at no-load and 36% under load conditions. Realizing that the initial cost of the transformer is important, it is not by any means the entire story. International focus on the effect that energy production has on the environment has resulted in a continuing increase in the cost of energy. The use of Nuvotem-Talema toroidal transformers in place of conventional laminates offers significant energy savings.


Nuvotem-Talema toroidal transformers offer a high degree of dimensional flexibility compared with conventional laminated transformers. Since cores are produced in our own core manufacturing and annealing facilities at each site, it is possible to make a core to virtually any diameter and height. Our engineers work closely with the customer's design group and can usually tailor a toroidal transformer to fit into tight spaces which would normally be inaccessible to conventional transformers.


Standard mounting for sizes up to 1000VA is with a single metal centering washer and mounitng screw or bolt making installation quick and simple. Other popular methods include:

  • Resin Center potting with brass inserts or through-hole
  • Pressureless Mounting Plates
  • Complete encapsulation in plastic or metal housings
  • PCB Mounting

To make replacement of conventional laminated transformers easier, the Talema Group has developed a series of mounting brackets which enable the toroid to fit into the same position as the conventional transformer it is replacing.


Because Nuvotem-Talema cores are manufactured from a continuous strip of high grade steel, there are no air gaps and loose sheets of steel or laminations to cause vibration. This stability is further enhanced by the copper windings which tightly surround the entire circumference of the core.


Approximately 85-95% lower than conventional laminated transformers. Achieving low levels of strayfield is an important consideration for the equipment designer as the phenomenon can create unwanted noise through interference with sensitive electronics. A toroidal transformer will generally offer a reduction of 8:1 in magnetic interference levels compared with traditional frame style laminate types. Over the years, the TALEMA Group design team has developed a range of successful techniques which can almost completely eliminate strayfield. These specialists will be pleased to work with you on your specific requirements.


Highly developed production techniques coupled with material savings resulting from the more efficient design mean that today's toroidal transformer is extremely cost-effective when compared with similarly rated conventional units. When taking into account the other hidden benefits such as low strayfield, energy savings, smaller footprint and lower weight, the advantages become very significant. Generally, with toroidal transformers the larger the size the lower the cost when compared to traditional types.


Our toroidal specialists are commited to serving their customer's total needs from custom design through production. In-House experience allows the company to fit the most power into the smallest device while retaining the integrity of the circuit. Operating on an international basis with manufacturing in several countries, the TALEMA Group is able to better service the multi-national customer whose design may be in a different country from that of manufacture.