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TubeSaver Introduktion

Stop the blinking; Get light instead - and save money!

Dismantle the ordinary glow starter, replace it with TubeSaver and the tube will start fast and without bothersome flickering, has twice the lifespan and provides more light

TubeSaver prevents unnecessary pollution from used tubes and should not be changed every time the tubes are changes. TubeSaver also has a built in automatic electronic safety-monitor, which protects your electrical installation against overheating when the tube is used up, contrary to old-fashioned glow starters, which continue to attempt to start the tube until it short-circuits, - they can therefore cause a fire.

The comfort from tubes not flickering can also be summed up in money and improving the environment.

With TubeSaver mounted the lifespan of your tubes will be more than doubled by normal use. Therefore more than 50% of your costs for new tubes and glow starters will be saved.

Additionally protection from unnecessary and dangerous mercury pollution, from the many "prematurely" burnt out tubes.

Advantages with TubeSaver for all:
OK Totally smooth, flicker free, starting
OK Double lifespan on tubes
OK Mercury waste from the used tubes is halved
OK Constant circuit safety monitoring
OK Thermo fuse protected
OK Very low EMI at start ( -70db below normal)
OK Even standard tubes are given maximum lifespan
OK Almost imperishable construction

Advantages with TubeSaver for companies in particular:
OK All the above advantages, and:
OK Work costs for changing tubes is halved
OKEnvironmental fees for the tubes is halved

- Ordinary glow starters can immediately and very simply be substituted with TubeSaver. -

Please choose between the following types:
 Type  Tube W   Description
 TS8  4-125W  Universal - Large area and start in 1.5 sec.
 TS2  4-22W  Starts single or 2 twin series tubes in 3 sec.
 Rapid  4-65W  Very fast start in 0,4 sec.
 Solar  65-220W  For tubes for Solarium
 Arctic  18-65W  Can start tubes at -50°C in 3 sec.

The electronic starter switch for Fluorescent lamps "TubeSaver", is a superior component, which gives you great advantages!

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